“Right from the lugubrious opening clarinet solo, you can feel him nuancing with tender loving care, adding dynamic variations of his own in the manner of Mariss Jansons, and pacing the longer-term arguments to hit the climaxes in exactly the right places. Hamlet... makes a challenging companion: incisive on the attack, awesome with tam-tam as the ghost declaims, again attractively phrased by the woodwind in Ophelia's very Russian reverie.” BBC Music Magazine, September 2009 ****

“A high level of refinement is evident throughout these immaculately voiced performances.” Gramophone Magazine, October 2009

“It is a measure of Nelsons's success that the CBSO sound as if they've been playing this music all their lives...the dividends are enormous when he turns to Hamlet, a superb performance, which develops from its low-key opening into something very scary without ever once tipping towards melodrama.” The Guardian, 24th July 2009 ***

“Sleek and full-bodied, almost brazen, the performance is not so much a revelation as a confirmation of Nelsons' dynamism.” The Independent on Sunday, 28th June 2009

“The strings are good, but woodwind and brass - earthy, raw, plangent - give the necessary edge and soulful particularity.” The Observer, 28th June 2009

“The standard is set immediately, with the recurring “motto” theme on low clarinet carefully sculpted yet at the same time given room to breathe. Nelsons has clearly thought about the music carefully, and concentrates on bringing every phrase alive. At the same time, the players are given room to express themselves, and they rise to the challenge, with delicious woodwind playing and ripe brass, while the strings have an almost Mantovanian sheen in places.” The Telegraph, 25th June 2009 ****