“Nelsons and the CBSO respond to the Pathétique symphony's mood of fate-shrouded tragedy in a way that's lyrical rather than melodramatic...Even among the formidable recorded competition, the CBSO's classy, supple playing is a major asset, reflecting Nelsons's impressive influence.” Classic FM Magazine, February 2011 ****

“Andris Nelsons draws nuanced playing from the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra” Financial Times, 11th December 2010

“the Pathétique receives a deeply felt interpretation as painstakingly prepared as it is beautifully proportioned. Right from the outset, one cannot fail to be struck by the healthy sheen, tasteful refinement and infectious temperament displayed by the Birmingham orchestra...Nelsons is not afraid to cut loose when the music demands it...A Pathétique of considerable distinction, then, and it's preceded by a comparably winning account of Romeo and Juliet.” Gramophone Magazine, May 2011

“Nelsons's conception of the first movement leaves nothing to chance. Sombre but never earthbound, the slow introduction leads seamlessly to a first subject whose fugitive progress is the more ominous for its understatement.” International Record Review, January 2011

“The choir of low woodwind, stinging fugato and dewily youthful love theme [of the Overture] are vividly contrasted.” The Independent on Sunday, 5th December 2010

“There are recordings of Tchaikovsky’s “Pathétique” that wring every last drop of gloom from the music. But I’m not sure that makes them more affecting than this intelligent, beautifully paced performance...Nelsons makes the groping emergence of the first movement cohere with almost Beethoven-like purposefulness, and he brings out the balletic grace of the music.” The Telegraph, 21st January 2011 ****