“this is the most dangerous, risk-taking performance of them all. Nelsons propels forward but never overdrives the exuberant rushes and crises of the mountaineers...[Salome's dance] has personality written all over it in the best possible way...veer[ing] between impressionistic delicacy and expressionist nightmare...Stunning work.” BBC Music Magazine, June 2011 *****

“Nelsons [rightly] conceives the piece as a symphonic abstraction, its descriptive qualities merely the starting-point for an ascent then descent whose 'rise and fall' is of an altogether more elemental cast...[The Dance of the Seven Veils] highly persuasive in its inexorable progress from suave languor to febrile abandon...an Alpine Symphony that reaffirms the chemistry of the Nelsons/CBSO partnership.” International Record Review, April 2011

“From the dark opening to the sunlit blazes on the mountaintop, Nelsons’s approach to Strauss’s Alpine Symphony is sharply defined, the textures malleable yet tightly controlled and the music animated with passion. The CBSO plays gloriously both in the symphony and in the sultriness and wild excess of Salome’s Dance of the Seven Veils.” The Telegraph, 25th March 2011 ****