“… the Rosenkavalier Suite has never worked better to my ears, the Presentation of the Rose taken at a studied tempo few singers would appreciate, yet touched with the most delicate and beautifully balanced of silvery chords. If you take A Hero's Life... seriously... this is the one for you. There's a powerful study of the hero's companion from leader Laurence Jackson, a muscly love scene and a fabulously well-articulated battle. ...a spectacular display of discipline and power that is touched by warmth, and the live recording beautifully captures Nelsons's orchestral balances.” BBC Music Magazine, March 2010 ****

“...he conducts Heldenleben with a high seriousness and at times a heady eroticism that emphasises the links with those later works. The pace of the performance is impeccably judged, the orchestra superbly balanced, and the recording is a beauty: airy, detailed, radiating warmth.” Andrew McGregor, bbc.co.uk, 25th March 2010

“Nelsons has yet to conduct [Der Rosenkavalier] itself but he directs Rodzinski's suite as if he was Karajan and both Kleibers rolled into one...The CBSO play superbly for their new young principal conductor...Nelsons and his musicians bring sensitivity and style to many of [Heldenleben's] more reflective passages” Gramophone Magazine, April 2010

“...these live Strauss pieces explain why the young Latvian is making such a striking impact...Nelsons treats the tender passages as the great music they are, with heart-stoppingly beautiful violin and oboe solos...The Rosenkavalier-Suite [is] played with evident relish and surprising Viennese “Schwung”” Sunday Times, 31st January 2010 ****

“These performances...stand comparison with almost any versions already in the catalogue. The sound is wonderfully clear and detailed and the playing sumptuous...The CBSO clearly relishes the opportunities both works give them to demonstrate their world-class qualities.” The Guardian, 5th February 2010 ****

“ The standard of playing is supreme. The individual episodes in the hero’s life are vividly identified, Strauss’s orchestral effects making their mark...And the whole work is held together with a masterly hand on a disc that never fails to thrill.” The Telegraph, 20th January 2010 ****

“This account of Strauss’s orchestral epic...stands as one of the most sumptuous and refined ever put on to disc...This level of achievement can come only when orchestra and conductor feel the work as one and are in the grip of genuine excitement, not duty.” The Times, 8th January 2010 *****