“There is plenty of colour and razor-sharp playing in this new version, the recording vividly capturing the orchestra in the splendid acoustics of Symphony Hall...The control in the woodwind fugue opening the second movement [of the Symphony of Psalms] is mesmerising, and the CBSO Chorus is meticulous in following the nuances of the score.” BBC Music Magazine, September 2010 ***

“Nelsons is good on the unease of the opening [of The Firebird], the violence of the Infernal Dance and the strange undertones of sensuality in the swaying nocturne...[Symphony of Psalms is] powerfully done, with real fervour in the choral singing, and Nelsons gets the difficult mix of austerity and ritual grandeur absolutely right.” The Guardian, 13th May 2010 ***

“ This is not a sumptuous Firebird – indeed it is quite lean and hungry – but it is very sharply characterised and full of exotic sounds, beautifully captured and rising to a thrilling Infernal Dance and final climax.” The Observer, 6th June 2010

“The volatility of The Firebird...is excitingly airborne in Nelsons’s hands, with plenty of the luminous orchestral detail...This is a performance with narrative coherence and dramatic vitality...always attentive to the enlivening spectrum of instrumental timbres that Stravinsky deployed” The Telegraph, 23rd April 2010 ****

“This recording by the brilliant conductor can be given reference status without reservations, even in the well-stocked Firebird discography. Rarely has the luxuriant ballet music, which alternates between symbolist sound frenzy and a folkloric tone, seemed this vivid.” Fonoforum, 1 July 2010