Music producing, CD and film score recording, audio post-production: editing, mixing and mastering.

Preparation, planning, booking artists, orchestras,
musicians, venues and studios for recordings

Producing and executive producing of recording
sessions and live concerts

Complete post-production in liaison with the artists:
edit-plan, multi-track digital editing, artists CDRs for comments followed by re-editing, mixing, CD
mastering, shipping to factory for CD production



Own post-production studio for digital editing, mixing and mastering (audio post-production):

Merging Technologies – Pyramix MassCore DAW (digital audio workstation) :

PCT-RAWXP « Turn-key » Pyramix Masscore rackmount PC system

- High resolution 24 track AES in/out

- Mykerinos MYK-MB5 DSP card

- MDC-AES DSD 24 channel I/O daughter card

- 3 x CON-D25-XLR 8-channel breakout cables

- MUSIC Pyramix Music software pack

- HSR High Sampling frequency software option

- Surround sound mixing

- DDP Support software option


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